Four Corners National Monument – November 2018

We left our hotel in Cortez and drove less than an hour to the Four Corners National Monument.  This is the spot that four states (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah) all come together in one place.  It was a bit in the middle of nowhere and I lost cell phone reception as we got closer to the monument.  Thankfully there were signs, so we did not have any problems finding it.  I am not exactly sure what I was expecting, but it there was not as much to it as I thought there would be.  

The Four Corners spot was pretty neat, labeled with each of the states, and there were places to stand a little higher up on each side to make for good photo opportunities of the corner.  We waited while one other family finished their photos, and then Hannah took to the center, posing for as many pictures as I was willing to take of her.  It was not a busy day, so we had plenty of time.  I had Hannah take one photo of me in the center, but the photo is only of my upper body, so you can’t actually see what I am standing on.  This is what you get with a 5 year old photographer. 

The Marketplace

Each “state” had a line of vendors along it, creating a square marketplace selling mostly handmade Native American artifacts.  We walked all the way around the square while Hannah stopped at nearly every vendor to compare product and prices.  I gave her a $10 limit, which got her some very cool beaded hair clips and a bracelet. 

Hannah with her beaded hair clips

Stateline Trail

Beyond the square was a hiking trail called Stateline Trail.  We walked to the trailhead, but decided not to hike it as we were heading to Canyon de Chelly National Monument which was another two hours away.  However, as I mentioned earlier, I was no longer getting any cell phone service, so when I opened Google Maps to find our route, I got a “no service” message looking back at me.  I vaguely remembered seeing that our route would take us west, so I did my best and guessed on the direction to take upon exiting the monument.  About 30 minutes later, my service returned and confirmed we were on the right road.  Phew! 

Hannah at the Stateline Trailhead